The Pluck N’ File


Pluck N’ File™ is a patented multifunctional beauty tool that makes the everyday beauty regimen of personal grooming easier. The Pluck N’ File™ is assembled in the USA and offers four convenient beauty tools in one: a tweezer, an eyebrow comb, a replaceable nail file, and nail buffer. This innovative, travel-safe device eliminates the need for multiple grooming items, delivering everything you need in one stylish apparatus.


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I absolutely love this product. It has made my life so much easier. As a mother of 3 I am always on the go. I love the fact that I can replace the nail file. Thank you so much for creating a product that allows me to keep up with my appearance even with my hectic life.

Lisa - Hoboken, NJ

Pluck N’ File makes my life easier. I never used to carry a tweezer or buffer in my purse, only a small file. Now I can carry them all thanks to the size and convenience of having the file, buffer, and tweezer all-in-one! I love it!

Deanna - White Plains, NY

WOW!!! Finally!! ALL-IN-ONE. I ALWAYS carry a nail file AND tweezers and when I forgot one of them in the past and really needed it I was so pissed & frustrated. NOW with Pluck N’ File I am NEVER pissed and frustrated. It’s so easy to always have it since it’s ALL-IN-ONE. How great! If I need a nail file or I need a tweezer or I need to tame my eye brows – NO MATTER WHAT I reach for only one thing, my Pluck N’ File and it does the trick. The nail file rocks and so does the tweezer. When the nail file needs to be replaced I just buy refills. YAAAAAHOOOOOO! Thanks Pluck N’ File for making my life a WHOLE LOT MORE CONVENIENT.

Jolie Glassman - Owner of South Beach Boxing since 1998

I’m pissed! Why didn’t I think about creating Pluck N’ File!!!! I never leave the house without my wallet, my keys, and my pluck N’ File. I have one on my night stand, one on my desk, and one in my purse. Grooming is very important to me and sometimes my nails split when I’m out. All women know exactly what I’m speaking about and when that happens it’s an emergency. With Pluck N File you can file and buff your emergency. I love the tweezer. It doesn’t cut the hair like other tweezers do. Pluck N’ File is so comfortable in your hand to work with.
Thank you for pluck n file
Mrs. John

Mrs. John

Pluck N’ File is a must-have for the woman on the go!! It’s lightweight and easy to use and it is in my purse at all times. My brows and nails always look great, thanks to Pluck N’ File. I can pluck, file, and buff anytime I want! Brilliant!!

Michelle - Miami Beach, FL